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Early last week I took a short trip to Melbourne city where I was lucky enough to perform with the showbiz legend, Baz Lurhmann! I performed as a 1930’s Showgirl at the opening of Baz’s new Melbourne Emporium shopping centre. It was a night filled with glitter, fairies, supermodels and Australia’s top A listers. My partner was the Choreographer of the entire production and every single gig we do, he impresses me more and more!! It was a spectacular visual feast and I’m certain everyone had the time of their life!

I was then lucky enough to share a few bubbles with the Creative Director & General Manager of the Australian brand, Mimco! Cathryn Wills is one of my absolute idols, and I cannot adore her crazy fabulous style she brings to this iconic Australian brand. I was then invited to have a personal tour of their new Richmond office and get an insight into where all the magic happens! This entire experience is unheard of for us QLD girls and it all seemed very unreal to me. Bright eyed after a tiring, yet fabulous evening, I showed up at Mimco Head Quarters with a coffee in my hand I could barely hold due to excitement for what was about to come! 
A personal tour from Cathryn Wills herself would have been enough, until she took me to the newest products created (2015) range. Easily my favourite collection to date and I still day dream about it now. On point isn’t even doing it justice!

I left HQ with such inspiration for this brand I love so much. Now I don’t know which was am more overwhelmed with… the Baz Lurhmann showgirl number or spending time with a huge idol of mine.
I have one more week at my little Chermside DJ Mimco store, then back to my beautiful Fortitude Valley store for Sale time and a 3 week trial as their new manager. Talk about a kick of inspiration for this amazing opportunity just around the corner!

Thank you universe for the last week, I certainly will never forget it and cherish it forever!


Cliff Briggie
Bali sunsets
There’s really nothing like home <3
RHS Chelsea Flower show, Rebecca Louise Law, 2013.
Look like the innocent flower,
But be the serpent under it.
- Shakespeare, William. Macbeth. 

(Source: wordsnquotes, via kethist)

Come play @ M!MCO CHERMSIDE today/tonight ✨✨✨✨